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Information and maps of the location of the Centre for Discourse Studies are given below. Accommodation and travel information is also available.


The Centre is located in the Faculty of Humanities of Aalborg University. The Faculty is mostly situated in the Humanities building at Kroghstręde 3. 

To get to Kroghstraede 3, turn right at the crossing between Fr.Bajersvej and Bertil Ohlinsvej. Walk along the parking ground past a building shaped like a black cube (depending on your perspective it may look like the black cube Ka'bah in Mecca). If you proceed to the right on the paved pedestrian road alongside the black building you will reach the main entrance to Kroghstraede 3 (right behind two large metallic sculptures, both shaped like a boot). This is the most direct way into the building (see the photograph above).

See the map below for its exact geographical location (marked 1 on the map). Click the map for more accurate information.


The town of Aalborg is situated on a fjord in the north of Jutland, the mainland of Denmark.

The Vikings founded Aalborg where the waters of the Lim Fjord are at their narrowest. There are important Viking burial grounds and remains (in a museum) situated just to the north of Aalborg.

Over the years, the city has developed into one of the busiest trading centres in Denmark with a population of 160 000.


The Lonely Planet's Destination Denmark.



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